Service area

LCMNA Service Area – Formal and Informal

LCMNA, which is located primarily in unincorporated Pima County, is surrounded partly by Oro Valley (yellow) and mostly by more of unincorporated Pima County (black). LCMNA participates in development issues beyond its borders which directly or indirectly impact the LCMNA residents, specifically in the Cpounty area north of the Hardy Road alignment to the OV boundary, and areas recently annexed by OV that are within our boundary, which is the southeast corner of Section 35.

LCMNA informally serves:

Section 22: the white area west of La Canada to the Romero Alignment, and north of the Hardy alignment to the intersection of Rancho Feliz Dr and La Canada.

Section 21: the white area east of La Canada to Calle Loma Linda, and north of Hardy to Calle Concordia.

LCMNA Formal Service Boundaries:

Section 27: La Canada x Magee x La Cholla x the Hardy Alignment.

Section 26: La Canada x Magee x Northern Ave x Hardy Rd.

Section 35: La Canada x Magee x Northern x Ina.

Section 34: La Canada x Magee x La Cholla x Ina.

See additional area below the map.

LCMNA also includes several homes on the south side of Ina, just east of La Cholla. These homes were included in the planning and rezoning of the Albertson’s shopping center. The association also assisted the residents proximate to that development in obtaining a mitigation agreement with the developer, Westcor.

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