Purpose & Officers

Your Property - Your Neighborhood -Your Association

     The purpose of the Association from its inception is to uphold the Area Plan. In 1977 this was the Tortolita Community Plan. On Oct 13, 1992, the new Pima County Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted, identifying our area as the Cańada Del Oro Subregion. In the 2001 Comprehensive Plan Update revised our location to be the Northwest Subregion. Our area is a unique development mostly of homes on 1-acre lots, which is distinctive of the subregion.

     The Association directs, assists, and guides members through negotiations regarding developments, etc., that threaten to negatively impact residential property. The assn is well known and effectively deals with Pima County Development Services and the Board of Supervisors. Neighborhood leadership communicates with local government and developers regarding neighborhood concerns. Catchwords to successful negotiations are cooperation and compromise, with each party understanding and respecting the other party's interests and concerns.

President  Stephen Hildebrand (on leave)

VP Eric Thornton

Acting Secretary  Karen Sonnek

Treasurer - Karen Sonnek

Liaison - Priscilla Ewy - Section 35

Liaison - Lee Harbers - Section 26

Liaison - Donna Heidinger - Section 34

Members at Large - Kathy Gatto  -  Peggy Gerba

Betsy Sandlin - Liaison for Section 27

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