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speakers/participants include

(not necessarily in this order)

Open to the public

LCMNA'sFall General Meeting &

Concurrent Homeless Discussion w/CAW2NA

6 - 8 PM

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church - Chapel

7650 N Paseo Del Norte

Northeast corner Chapala/Paseo del Norte

across from fields at Harelson

Special Format

6-6:30 PM: LCMNA

Ally Miller

6:30 - 8 PM: Discussion Regarding Homeless

in our area, particularly &sponsored by

Casas Adobes West2 Neighborhood Coalition

subdivision behind Macaroni Grill, etc

Ally Miller

other speakers unknown at this time

As always donations are welcome as this is a non-profit, all volunteer association. Send donations to:

For Info contact Donna 297-9761 (cell 349-5667)or Karen 744-6096


Credit card number stolen but you didn't lose your card

When you haven't lost your credit card but your number is stolen it may be due to the following:

Newer credit cards have an RFID chip in them.

This chip broadcasts the info from your card with NO action by you.

Thus this can be read by a person near you and duplicated easily by them onto any card with a magnetic strip.

To protect your data use aluminum foil around your card or buy a wallet that offers such protection.

It may also be due to someone taking your card and copying it. This happens in places such as restaurants. In England, in 2006, all the restaurants had a machine they brought to your table. Restaurants should do this in the USA. Meanwhile do all you can to keep your card in your possession.

I promised to publish a link about protecting your home . I would encourage you to pursue finding an alarm system which is inexpensive and does not need monitoring. Here's one but a search for wireless home security systems should give your many to choose from:

The Home Security Superstore

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